Getting ready for medieval show

The 8 of July will Bohus Elfsborghs Caroliner have shows at the medieval day in Hunehals (Kungsbacka). Of course we will not come as Caroleans, but as knights, and today was the final rehearsal.
The weather was every other minute pouring downfall and the other sunny sun, but we started indoors, trying out the different formations. We will ride in chainmail and tabard, but as mine chain mail was not cut open for riding I only tried the hood and the tabard. I realised I had not ridden with lance AND sword before and noticed I needed to keep in mind so I did not got stuck on my sword hilt.

Later the infantry were going to practice line movements with shooting drills, so we rode on the field beside them to get the horses used to the sounds. It went really well, some of the times Mod was reacting, but immediately seattled down. The last gallop we did we actually managed to keep in the line and canter with the others. Which has been a struggle before, as it is a very slow canter, and Mod has thought its just easier to trot along. So I was really proud of him!


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