Pluvinel Lesson One: Day two

Day two of the Pluvinel lesson one. Today I did some adjustements, I put on the longer reins I usually have for driving and put on each side of the cavasson. As Pluvinel says he put both reins on the pole, which I believe is to make it easier to get the horse to aim his head at the pole an thus get the croup outside the volte.

It was, as I anticipated, much harder to get him to actually get the croupe in an outer circle. I believe it would be much simpler if I actually could do it as Pluvinel says, with two persons and one is at the horses thigh. I ended up with shorter reins and a bit different position. I got to priorities the croup to be in an outer volte, against holding still as a pole.

It may look like I use the whip alot, but it mostly because Mod wanted to fall into ”my space” (which I say a number of times) so I mostly used the whip just keep him out on the circle. Also to try to get his croup to move out. I was suprised that I actually thought his left side was easier, and that is the side we usually struggle with.


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