Team Mod

Team Mod is me, Linda, and my north swedish draft horse, Mod. We mainly concentrate on mounted combat, but also train liberty dressage, trick training, reenactment and I also have in mind to have Mod be broken in to harness. We train for several different trainers in the art of mounted combat and the academic, such as Arne Koets, Monica Sanders, Marie Nicander, Lovisa Baldal. We are also a part of Bohus Elfsborghs Karoliners Cavalry troop that reenacts battles as they where in 17th century.

I sometimes get the question, ”Why the name ”Team Mod?” and its about a feeling.
When I got Mod, in the end of 2015, he was bery insecure, but hid behind a wall of angre. The riding pasture was 10 minutes walk way from the stable, but waling there in less than an hour was an accomplishment. Could I than walk around the pasture, in walk, one lap, I was ecstatic.  I dont know how many evenings I just wanted to cry and again and again asked my self what I had let myself into. I have fought, Mod has fought, in his own little way, and the feeling I want to get to is that its him and me, together. To feel we are a team.